03.12.2017 Fresh Science


Jake Martin has just finished participating in Fresh Science, a national competition that helps early-career researchers find and share their scientific discoveries. On the back of various
media training and public speaking events, Jake's PhD research was picked up by Robyn
Williams on ABC Radio National, as well as Einstein a go-go on community radio station RRR.
Well done Jake.

28.11.2017 Scientists at the Governor’s residence


Topi and Minna were recently invited as guests of the Governor of Victoria to celebrate
Finland’s Centenary of Independence at the Governor's residence. Both Topi and Minna first came to Monash under fellowships awarded by the Academy of Finland and have continued to maintain research links to the lab.

10.10.2017 Ben Guiron systematic reviews workshop


Bob is in Israel co-organising and attending a systematic reviews workshop on conservation
behaviour jointly funded by Monash University and Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

04.10.2017 Congratulations Minna Saaristo

Minna received a grant from the Faculty of Science Advancing Women’s Success Grant
Scheme. Minna will be using the money to visit a research lab in the UK in 2018 and to cover
the cost of attending the 2018 SETAC Europe conference where she will be hosting one of
the symposia.

14.09.2017 PhD visitors


The Wong lab is pleased to be currently co-hosting a couple PhD researchers. Reut Vardi
(Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel) will be working on learning in Lampropholis
skinks as part of a joint Monash and Ben Gurion grant. Sean Ehlman (University of California
Davis, USA) will be working on antipredator behaviours in Lampropholis skinks as part of a
grant from the National Science Foundation.

22.05.2017 Finland stint


Bob and Topi are carrying out fieldwork in Finland during the Northern Hemisphere Summer
investigating how the distribution of nesting resource in the field affect patterns of male
settlement in sand gobies.

02.02.2017 Lab retreat in Portsea


The Wong lab spent a couple of days bonding and cooking up a treat at Portsea this year as
part of our annual lab retreat. We were joined this year by Dr Kenyon Mobley, who has
been visiting us from the Max Plank.

30.01.2017 Visitor from Max Planck

The Wong lab is delighted to welcome Dr Kenyon Mobley from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology. Kenyon will be working on a paper on pipefish ornamentation during his visit to Melbourne.

09.01.2017 Antidepressants a death trap for our fish


While antidepressants may keep humans happy they are detrimental to our fish population, according to new international research led by Monash University biologists. The findings, detailed in two separate papers, were led by Honours students in the lab under the cosupervision of Dr Minna Saaristo. Congratulations to both Alisha and Jake for getting their honours research published!

Click here to see press coverage of the research.